The Rahway River Watershed Association, sponsored by the City of Rahway, will be hosting its second annual Rahway RiverFest on the weekend of June 25 and 26. The festival, which will take place at the RRWA headquarters located at 337 East Milton Ave in Rahway, and adjacent to Lower Essex Street Park, will offer various events, activities, exhibits and vendors.

Rahway RiverFest 2022 delves into sustainability and how living a balanced life can help to make the Earth a healthy place for all living things to thrive. We will explore how we can impact the future in ways that ensure generations to come will inherit a world worth living in. A highlight of the festival will be a spectacular LIVE birds of prey show by
Skyhunters in Flight given by master falconer Brian Bradley and his wife Teddy. Watch trained birds of prey sharpen their hunting skills during an exciting outdoor flight demonstration. Hear about the ancient sport of falconry and see live raptors from around the world. We will celebrate the river by giving guided canoe rides on a first come, first serve basis, so arrive early and reserve your spot. This is an opportunity for beginners to learn the basics of canoeing and how to navigate the river.

Mayor Raymond Giacobbe is a proud supporter of the Rahway River Water Association’s event. “The Rahway City Council and I are proud to support the Rahway River Water Association’s second annual RiverFest, an event which calls attention to sustainability and celebrates the Rahway River as an important environmental and recreational resource in our community.” The RRWA, sponsored by the City of Rahway, will be leading a community arts
project that will educate kids of all ages about the importance of sustainability by bringing attention to the environment and habitat of native fish. Participants will paint re-claimed wood that has been pre-cut into fish shapes. The fish will then be assembled into a sculpture and displayed in town. The sculpture will be unveiled
on City of Water Day, July 16th, at a public event.

In addition, the festival will include numerous exhibitors, presenters and vendors, live musicians, DJ, food and refreshments including an ice cream cart by Melao Creamery, family friendly activities including eco-craft workshops and field games, Trailside Nature & Science Center, native plants for sale, a native seed swap, reusable bag giveaway, nature photography walk, and more. Unique gifts, sustainable products and artesian crafts will be for sale at the event. Cash or credit is accepted.

* Note: Not all events will be available for both days.










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entertainment, exhibitors & vendors



List of Entertainment, Exhibitors &Vendors

As the primary host of Rahway RiverFest, technically the RRWA will have it's hand in everything! At our table though, you can find the Native Plant Seed Swap, Enviroscape watershed demonstration, and information about our various programs including our water quality monitoring program and our River-Friendly certification program.


Skyhunters in Flight

A dynamic educational program using live performing birds of prey. Brian Bradley is a Master Falconer with over 30 years experience, training and flying various raptors. Watch and learn as Brian gives an up close look at these fascinating animals. He will talk about their habitat, diet and how they survive in the wild. Brian will demonstrate an actual hunt using a free flying hawk and falcon. You will experience the silent flight of an owl as it flies inches above you. Brian Bradley and Skyhunters In Flight offers you an unforgettable experience, with an incredibly close and unique view of the secret lives of these amazing birds of prey. Bring a lawn chair!


Kelli Bruno

One-woman band Kelli Bruno is bourbon for the soul. Her breathtaking vocals, thoughtfully crafted accompaniment, and compelling presence draw the audience right up on stage with her. Kelli's original music is grounded in folk with flares of indie and pop, while her cover repertoire spans the decades from the American Songbook and classic rock, to R&B and today's pop. She released her debut album Nomahegan in 2018 and will be releasing her second album, Company in 2022.


Salty Dawgz Band

The Salty Dawgz trio came together through their mutual love of American Roots music.  The music travels through time and genres as the trio performs seafaring, bluegrass, blues and the occasional sprinkle of island music. The repertoire includes numbers from Bill Monroe to Paul Simon to Ray Charles. This group serves up a hearty pot of American Gumbo for the musically hungry.


First Class Entertainment DJ

First Class Entertainment has over 20 years of experience and is sure to bring that party attiude to Rahway RiverFest!


Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Soil test kits are available for purchase at the Rahway Environmental Commission table. Kits are $20 each (cash only). For a healthy garden start with healthy soil.


Rahway Environmental Commission

The Rahway EC will be giving away re-usable bags and other items. James Keane from Union County Master Gardners will be selling soil test kits.



Toadshade Native Plant Nursery

Toadshade Wildflower Farm was established in 1996 to make native wildflowers, particularly perennials, more readily available. Their intention is to provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants, identify available plants by both common and scientific name, clearly summarize the native range and growth requirements of the wildflowers for sale, educate folks about the importance of native plants, and encourage people to give them a try! Toadshade provides information about how valuable these plants are for wildlife, including butterflies, native bees, moths, birds, and other native fauna. Planted within their native ranges, in sites appropriate to them, native perennial wildflowers will thrive and provide lasting color and interest for years to come. Toadshade will have native plants for sale at RiverFest.


Nature Photography Walk

Meet us on the deck at the RRWA Watershed Learning Center (the Blue House) for a free, relaxed sunset photostroll, with pointers and guidance available from local nature photographer Jacki Dickert. We will have special access to the pollinator gardens for photographing flowers and insects, then stroll along the river’s edge to look for wildlife and enjoy the scenery at the “Golden Hour”. All levels, all ages, all camera types welcome! Preregistration not necessary.


One River School

Founded in 2012, “one river” west of New York City, One River School® has developed a unique method for teaching art and digital design classes to people of all ages and all levels. Today, our innovative program teaches thousands of students in fourteen locations across the U.S.

At One River School, our students simply have more fun learning to create and produce compelling art. It is our belief that we are transforming art education®, as well as providing an experience that changes lives in the communities that we serve.

For RiverFest One River School will offer a recycled art project that students and families can participate in.


Westfield Green Team

Join members of the Westfield Green Team as they assist in a reusable produce bag stamping activity.


Union County Connects

Union County Connects is a nonprofit organization that will support the Union County Parks and Transportation Master Plans, as well as municipal bike and pedestrian plans, through the promotion and development of trails. Enhanced trails will offer residents of our communities easy access to nature for a range of activities including walking, biking, running, birding, and boating. Trails and Greenways have been proven to enhance local economic activity and support healthy lifestyles. The trails will help to preserve local history and culture, provide opportunities for community engagement through artistic installations, as well as protect the environment and reduce congestion on our roadways.


Intro to Canoeing

Ever wonder what it would be like to go canoeing? To float peacefully and effortlessly on the water? Now is your opportunity to to take a safe, short introductory canoe trip with an experienced paddler. Michael Dury and Jeff Jotz will be leading 30 minute trips from Wheatena Park down to City Hall, right by the RRWA headquarters and RiverFest site, and back. Just enough time to "get your feet wet". Life vest supplied and required. Must be 18 years or older. Sign up at the Union County Connects table on either Saturday or Sunday at RiverFest. No advanced registration.


Native Seed Swap

Get started with native seeds or add a new variety to an established garden. Free seed packets will be given to anyone who brings either an invasive plant, native seeds (must be labled and in a small baggie and different than those listed), or a native plant (different than those listed). We will have the following native plant seeds: Swamp Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Black eyed Susan, Blue Vervain, Beardtounge, Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, Goldenrod and Blue Lobilia. The Seed Swap will be at the Rahway River Watershed Association table.


A Few Minutes to Win It Games

Test your skills and endurance to see if you have what it takes to be crowned a Rahway RiverFest Champion.


Union County Trailside Nature and Science Center

Trailside Nature & Science Center is the Environmental Education Center of the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation. It is located in the Watchung Reservation, a 2,065-acre preserve containing woodlands, fields, lakes, streams and more than 13 miles of color-coded hiking trails. Trailside's van will be at RiverFest with staff to show us a little of what they do. They will also be bringing large sculptures make from single use plastic water bottles.


LABO Refillery

LABO Refillery is focused on helping customers reduce their plastic usage, and to that end customers are encouraged to bring their own containers or purchase a refillable container. Containers can be filled with liquid detergent, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. LABO Refillery is so much more than just this, though!


Sassy Scraps Upcycled Boutique

Upcycled clothing and jewelry.






Union County Clean Communities

Union County Clean Communities provides recycling education and guidance to Union County residents, and will be providing informational handouts, fun giveaways, and education about the ins and outs of recycling. The Clean Communities Program is Union County’s litter abatement program, working to reduce and prevent litter in our natural spaces. Union County Clean Communities will be providing reusable straws and reusable bags as a reminder to avoid single-use plastic items and switch to reusable options. 


Eco Crafts

Gretchen Kellaway is an abstract fine artist and crafter who uses found objects to create a vast range of different medium based art.

Gretchen will lead the Eco-Crafts workshops for Rahway RiverFest again this year. Eco-Crafts is a sustainable way to look at arts and crafts, whether it's taking something old and repurposing it, finding natural alternatives, or using recycled items as an art medium. Gretchen will find ways to explore your creativity using "stuff" you might find laying around your house. For RiverFest she will show you how to build and decorate a fairy house out of a terra cotta pot and transform old t-shirts into reusable tote bags. Find her table to get your craft on.

**Bring a t-shirt to create your own bag or just stop by to learn how.

You can see some of Gretchen's work inside the Watershed Learning Center as our featured artist for RiverFest.


Melao Creamery

Melao has just about the best hand rolled ice cream in the universe. Melao brings coffee and ice cream to an art! Located in the heart of Downtown Rahway, this quaint cafe offers fresh pastries, coffee, tea, fresh home made hand rolled ice cream. For RiverFest, Melao will be bringing their ice cream cart!


Lee's Bees

Lees Bees is a woman owned business located in North Canton, Ohio. It started with just 2 hives in 2015 and has continued to grow. Our bees are settled in varius locations throughout Northeast Ohio surrounded by wildflowers and fruit trees; giving the bees an abundant food source to forage. Our mission is to educate the community on the importance of honey bees, mentor new beekeepers, and offer high quality handmade products that please.


Sierra Club

The Loantaka Group of the Sierra Club, NJ Chapter, represents most of Union and Morris Counties and some surrounding towns.  Loantaka is a grassroots group of citizens who are working to maintain an environment that is stable and healthy for today and the future. 18 of the towns in the Rahway River watershed are in the Group. Among our priorities is the management of stormwater, clean water, and all things climate change and environmental justice.


Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature takes the concept of sustainability seriously. The sea glass and shells that are used for beachcomber’s baskets and other jewelry pieces are all naturally tumbled by the ocean, with no additional tumbling or drilling required. Sustainability is also built into designs: pendants are reversible, bracelets and necklaces are adjustable and can be combined into longer pieces. 


The Wonder of Trees

. . . a display of tree artifacts – seeds, cones and pictures of our world’s incredible trees and their products. Also, learn the names of local trees by doing leaf rubbings. The display is staffed by volunteers and staff of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Union County 4-H Master Tree Steward Program.


Clever Aromatics

Clever Aromatics specializes in creating simple craft candles that suit all tastes and preferences. They provide a wide variety of simple, fresh and natural candles. Various craft beverages such as honey lavender lemonade and cucumber water will also be available.


Solar Landscape - Community Solar

Gina Viasus is the community engagement coordinator for Solar Landscape, a NJ based community solar developer. They will be providing information about the state’s community solar program and will also help you subscribe to a local project. This program provides a guaranteed discount to all communities regardless of rental status, income, credit scores, and other traditional barriers to renewable energy.


Beer Tent

Beer provided by Wet Ticket Brewary, Rahway. Tim Prewit will be donating a sixtel to Rahway RiverFest, and the RRWA will be providing the balance of the beer.


Phillips 66
Mr. B Printing
The Waiting Room
The Coffee Box